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Rat Star

11 May

In promotion of my upcoming hardcore sci-fi crime game, I made up this poster:


Striders Gonna Stride

31 Oct

(Finally got to a good gameplay stopping point in DF and Oblivion. Posts will be up Wednesday or Thursday morning–since I’ve started the WriMo, they may take a while to finish up. I’m conscious of the fact that I keep kicking this along, at the updating schedule has been pretty awful lately. I can blame any number of things for it–and reasonably, in some cases–but yes, it has been true that for months now I haven’t managed a solid updating schedule. Updating of specific projects has been spotty in years past, but the site generally swung back into equilibrium after they were completed. Obviously, this has been much more generalized and sustained than before. After this November, I’ll sit down and evaluate things, and then I’ll make an address.

Meanwhile, Halloween costume. Decent-sized pictures under the jump.)

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Hobospy, Part 2

30 Oct


Hobospy, Page 1

27 Oct

EDIT: Massive Dwarf-Fortress update is not finished is forthcoming. Also, pictures of costume. Both were a little delayed, and I’m working on it.

(Experimenting with hand-lettering. Transcript available in comments in case it turns out nobody can read it. And no, I don’t intend to be pulling this Ctrl-C crap for more than, like, this page right here. Oh, yeah, and obviously you gotta click the thumbnail to get taken to the actual comic. Click twice to get the full-size version.)


Eyes on the Ball

08 Oct

While we’re on the subject of artery, and arteries: here is a set of character sketches I did for the players of my campaign.

Characters from left to right: Donna Price, cold-hearted ex-executive from the music industry; Jenna Hong, one-eyed tough-as-nails street fighter without a whole lot of brains; Matthias Rose, 20-year-old psychic vampire trapped in a preadolescent body; Andy Sparks, hair-metal werewolf who fights with a pair of chains; Sin Nombre Salgo, goblin gunslinger of few words; Al, fishman(fishwoman?) private investigator.

One of the many focuses of this campaign is mystery; every single item in the background is a substantial gap in the players’ knowledge that they’re determined to fill. If I don’t resolve each one of these, I’m probably going to become an unsolved mystery myself. The kind where police find my tongue and three of my teeth inside an industrial kiln and spend the next fifty years filming TV specials about it.


Skysplinter Nights

31 Jul

The RPG club at the university I go to has an excellent story-based LARP that they run year round. It’s a gritty backstabbing viper’s nest of a game in which ten to twenty nobles take turns hosting elaborate dinner parties, which are inevitably the sites of treason, adultery, betrayal, murder, and worse. I have the dubious distinction of ending the year with the most assassinations under my belt, and have been told very politely by multiple people that I’m an excellent asshole. My first character finally pissed off enough people that he got himself exiled (nearly executed, but he managed to wriggle out of it), only to seize power in a foreign territory and send an agent who managed to top off all the people responsible for his conviction and and drive his nemesis (actually just a spiteful warrior woman he was fond of tormenting) insane. And he actually got his exile lifted, but I didn’t bother to bring him back–there was only one session left, and I liked the new character enough that I decided to finish the arc with him instead.

LARPing gets a bad rap, and for good reason: if you want to play a standard swords-and-sorcery game focusing on a small group of characters, like the majority of roleplayers, there’s probably not a whole lot of nuance that can’t be replicated sitting around a table. But if you want to do the above kind of game, where there’s a bunch of characters all scheming and maneuvering around one another, there’s no better way to do it. And it’s kind of nice to spend the whole night in-character, especially if, like me, you’re fond of playing assholes.

Anyway, when the school year’s arc ended, we decided to do a one-off three-session arc in a Sci-Fi setting. I drafted up a campaign setting that I ended up calling Skysplinter Nights, which I may go over in a later post. At the moment, here’s an image I did for the event notifications:

Pictured is the bar the arc takes place in–the picture resembles the actual facade of the room we use for the LARP, which you see a lot of, because the area outside the building is where you go to threaten, scheme, blackmail, and murder other players–actions that, if not the meat of the game, are certainly obligatory courses. The bar is owned by my character, Nick Cavetti, who owes 42.5% of it to his loan shark gangster of a partner. The location of the bar is the Rotten Core, a section of the city that used to house the secondary power core. Emphasis on, “used to.” There was an incident in which the whole damn place melted down, and now the area is inhabited by squatters and crooks who want to get away from all those chafing “laws” and “peacekeepers” that burden the rest of the city. It’s a good place for gambling, prostitution, illegal substances, and the trade of extremely unlicensed body augments.


Santa Almart

20 Jul

The new Jibar vs. Rutskarn series has been successfully recorded, about an hour’s worth of it, and that’s all edited and ready to launch tomorrow night. I’ll also be using that post to talk about Bootlord, and what I have planned for that series. In the meantime: here’s some a rough sketch of the character art I’m working on for one of my Santa Alma RPG groups.

I’m running two groups of players through Santa Alma. Pictured here is the Monday group, whose campaign I refer to as Eyes on the Ball–hence the caption. From left to right: apparently-12-year-old vampire looking for his sister, chain-smoking smooth-talking former music industry executive, hair metal werewolf, one-eyed pothead made of cast iron, fishman private investigator, nameless goblin cowboy(girl?). Fun fact: the players in this group are 4/6 female, and the characters are an exactly equal blend of male, female, and who-the-hell-knows.

Also, here’s an in-universe poster for a vampire punk band that looks like it’ll end up being one of the party’s ultimate rivals. Don’t judge it too harshly: it was supposed to just be a doodle, and then it was finished, and I realized I had just doodled for a few hours without actually polishing anything or fixing anything. I’ll probably do up a final version that I’ll post later.

As a GM, it’s important to have a setting I can have fun with, and I’ve been having a blast running Santa Alma so far. It helps that I’ve got great players–players who can bring their own ideas and aspirations to the table. For example, one of the chief goals of the party is establishing themselves as a solid live music act, and their secondary goal–which they devised after getting a taste of the in-game radio station, which is run by a lunatic DJ that only plays salsa music–is to reform the radio as well. It will be interesting to see how this seemingly benign goal will dovetail with all of the scheming, gang activity, conspiracies, and murder that the rest of the party is perpetrating/getting involved with.



14 Jul

We found this guy putting grenades in the pockets of our ISP. This may or may not be related to our downtime, and is most definitely related to my sleeping with a gun under my pillow.

The good news is that the site is working again. The bad news is that oh god take cover the gods quake with anger begin the cutting that they may gorge themselves, and be satisfied, and turn their wrathful gaze from our unworthy hides

I’ll be putting down PG tomorrow night. Starting next week, it’ll be a suite of fresh series, including the new Dark Messiah stream/upload series and something to replace the serial fiction feature.


Site Probably Isn’t Screwed Forever; Hitmas 2

27 Jun

I think it’s safe to say that this website is doomed to an infinite spiral of malaise, self-destruction, and imploding hardware. It’s safe to say this because so far the exact opposite of my predictions have come true, so if I say this, the site will probably prosper. Except, now that I’ve predicted that, it won’t. But now it will. But…okay, hold on, let me get this straight.

Site’s doomed.

Moving on. Tomorrow’s the last World Creation, and after that, I’m paying for the sins of the Spoiler Warning crew by running another Hitmas Wednesday-Friday. And yes, I put in the paperwork to get the stream limit increased. Stay tuned for more info/guest commentators. Also: new series announced soon.

In the meantime, here’s something else I worked up for the Santa Alma campaign: character creation documents. Cookies to anyone who can identify where the Aspect rules come from without googling it.

(Note: on paper, the races look unbalanced–and they are a little. But you have to keep in mind that I’ve designed the races to be more or less balanced for the campaign I, specifically, am running. Where I know exactly how much being vulnerable to silver and being a werewolf, even in human form is a handicap. And goblins are straight from the Monster Manual, except the weird folklore stuff I threw in there.)

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Another Salesman

21 Apr

I have a strange habit of playing salesmen in RPGs. Generally speaking, it’s not a medium that encourages them–or rather, it necessitates that every character be one and also something else. As in, Bogart the Barbarian’s specialty is cracking skulls, cephalic exoskeletons, and membranous brainsacs, and only when all possible head-rending opportunity has been exhausted does he attempt to interest Joe Pawnshop in a collection of fine used weapons, armor, and personal knickknacks. There’s not a lot of room for someone who’s really good at the selling stuff part and has no expertise to speak of in the acquiring stuff through murder part.

But I’ve done a lot of them in the past, and I’m doing another one soon for a 1920s Dresden Files game. And this is what he looks like. At least, it’s about 40 minutes of what he looks like.

Not pictured: natty fedora, rolled-up sleeves, patriotism, suitcase full of stolen government documents, fifteen hitmen spraying lead in his direction.