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The Return of the Chocolate Standard

16 May

I really don’t want to make this post about anxiety. For one thing, my case–though it did have a serious effect on my happiness and productivity, and absolutely still will if I let it–is by no means a medically extraordinary or particularly severe one. For another thing, using this space to grouse has always seemed like a profound waste of digital real estate. It’s like buying up a vacant lot and posting up the latest X-rays of your impacted wisdom teeth on sandwich boards. Why not put something cool there instead?

But if you need some kind of bridge between this site one year ago and this site today, it’s this: for a while, it became harder and harder to think about producing content for the site. I really want to punch this out in one snappy sentence–so I can get back to the cool stuff–so let me put it this way: I never felt like I had time for anything, so instead of doing anything, I spent my free time doing nothing.

There. So now let’s talk about what I’m doing in the immediate future. This does not include “cleaning out my broken-ass categories system,” so for now, I heartily recommend any archive explorers just go by date. Seriously. Those categories are like shoeboxes full of stagnant water, marbles, and broken glass.

There’s two series I’ve been tapping at, Dwarven-smith-like, for a couple of months.  These will represent the new content coming out for my website. One-offs might get posted, but not according to any kind of schedule or anything–that’s down to daily mood and the luck of the draw.

The two series are:

The Altered Scrolls: A Retrographical Histori-ganza

(Mondays at 11:59 PM PST)

I really don’t think enough people are talking about how bizarre, checkered, and wildly inconsistent the design goals of Elder Scrolls games are throughout its entire history. Actually, not enough people are talking about Arena and Daggerfall at all, albeit on the altogether reasonable grounds of “nobody has played Arena or Daggerfall.” So I played Arena and Daggerfall. Then I played the other ones. Now I’m here to report back on my surprising findings (Chocolate Hammer’s Clickbait punch: This Man Played Decrepit-Ass Videogames and What He Found Will Shock Your Face-Place).

Uncle Rutsky’s So You Think You Can RPG (And You Really Should)

(Fridays at 11:59 PM PST)

You know what else not enough people are doing? Playing tabletop games…and this one of those things I’m going to fix if it absolutely kills me.


Dis Week

16 Jul

This week bears witness to a climactic showdown between my work ethic and season four of Breaking Bad. There may be no survivors.

As long as I do not wholly fall casualty, what you can expect is this:

Monday: Spoiler Warning Hangout

Tuesday: Cahmel’s Spirit Guide

Wednesday: World Creation (Barney’s dead dog hustle/character creation document)

Thursday: Dr. Lee/Stream

Friday: Blackchapel officially moves forward

Fun fact: I will answer any question posed in the comments of a week-to-come post. I will not necessarily answer truthfully. I will necessarily be wearing pants. I was necessarily speaking untruthfully in one of these sentences.

(Schedule has been fixed)


Week to Come

18 Jun

Finals are over and things have stabilized, so let’s break down the schedule for this week:

Wednesday: World Creation/Fiction/Joshstream Upload

Thursday: Stream (Special?)

Friday: Blackchapel Updates

Now if you’ll excuse me, Oliver Cromwell’s Chronoshifted ghost is trying to goad me into a nunchuck duel and I need to dig up the number of that SCA-orcist.



The Week to Come

04 Jun

A retrospective revision to last week’s schedule: I’ve decided to change the format of the session recap from a nonfiction summation into a fictionalization. As such, I’m pushing the first entry forward to this week of updates. The D&D thing will follow suit.

I should mention that next week is Finals Week, and that content is likely to get a bit choppy as a result, but it’ll be smooth sailing after.

For this week, things look like:

Tuesday: World Creation

Wednesday: Fiction

Thursday: Recap

Friday: D&D Next


Seventh House

23 May

I’m nearly done with the World Creation, although it–and the Pig Girl–is taking unusually long. I’ve been going back and forth on some of the tribe concepts, and have thus far proposed and scrapped quite a few ideas, some of which I’ll briefly share in the finished post. But while I have your attention, a reader has produced a website by the enviable name of Seventh House that I said I’d give a linkin’. He’s shared a few ideas for series he’d like to have on the site eventually, and they’ve sounded solid; right now, there’s some insight into the design philosophy of Firearms: Source, an analysis of the villain Alma from the FEAR series, and an itemized list of the politicians and religious figures who shall be stoned to death once Lord Nixon returns from his midnight grave to claim the Sepulchral Emerald, although friends and handlers are now informing me that I’m the only one who sees this post and that perhaps I should lie down for a while. Anyway, head on over and give his site a warming up.

One other thing I wanted to mention: there’ll be a bonus story posted to this site later on in the week. Self contained, around four thousand words, and probably a bit different from the fiction that’s been on here thus far. Stay tuned for more about that.



The Site to Come

07 May

Midway through last night’s post informing you all that I was still alive, I was killed. Luckily, I’ve found the time to post this follow-up, which should hopefully cast a little more light on the situation.

There’s been little enough content lately. That’s partially because the Dorf Fortress saves and some of my LPery/notes got lost when I swapped computers, but then again, it’s partially not. I think I need to get back into a hard schedule of content delivery—consistent updates are easier when I have something to work with.

I’m laying a schedule of content out now. In theory, this schedule is foolproof. In practice, it’s really more busyproof that’s the problem, but I think I can make it work nonetheless.

Here’s the projected layout:

Monday Morning: World Creation

Wednesday Morning: Pig Girl

Thursday Morning: Tabletry

Friday Morning: Video

There may well be things in addition to that layout, but that should suffice for the minimum. I’ll figure out what to do for the text LP later on.

Right, time to actually start working on this stuff.



State of the Skarn

17 Jan

EDIT: Some people were asking where the X-COM stream was going to show up. It will eventually appear in the stream history, but I’ll probably have it up on Blip before then–I’ve almost finished getting the audio synced up. There’ll almost certainly be some sort of video done before tomorrow night.

A few items of good news: firstly, I’ve received my Oblivion disc, and will be able to resume the LP presently. Secondly, as today is a holiday, I’ll have plenty of time to edit some video. That means X-COM, and probably some Hitman, is on the radar.

Nothing else I can talk about at the moment. Now, if you’ll pardon me, I found a Wikipedia article entitled “Sleep,” about an hour ago, and I’ve decided to give it a go. Just as soon as I finish this Order of the McGenius Adventures archive binge.



10 Jan

I’ve looked over the nightmarish clusterfracas that is everyone’s schedules, done the requisite demon calculus, and I come to the conclusion that the best time to record is Thursday at five o’ clock. I’m sure that this statement will not be in the least controversial, and that it will suit absolutely everyone perfectly well and won’t invite a bunch of comments saying, “No, do it some other time.”

A few notes:

1.) When I say five o’ clock, I mean 5:00 PM, Pacific Time. If you’re as cluelessly provincial as I am, you can sort out the timezones here.

2.) The reason I didn’t post an X-COM video last week is that the next one’ll burn through my buffer, and I wanted to run the last blip episode on the week I start streaming.

3.) Similarly: the JaR dropoff is because Jibar has been back home, where it is difficult for us to record and upload episodes, so we can’t burn through the last of the intermission stuff until he gets back into academia. In its stead, I offer this riddle: (Q) What is the difference between Jibar and a dink? (A) Jibar is a dink.

4.) Incidentally: the reason I didn’t post a Cahmel is that, embarrassingly enough, I left the disc back home when I went back to college. I’m having it mailed, and–barring an improbable catastrophe of some kind–will have a new update this week.

5.) The non-contextual vagrant content has been dropping lately, so here’s a dose of medicine:

I really can’t wait until this one’s finished.



01 Jan

I’m heading back up to Irvine tomorrow, a trip that requires several hapless native guides, three days worth of water, a compass, and a pair of machetes that can easily be attached to windshield wipers. Also: a friend to sucker into hauling you along with them while they’re on their way to somewhere even more bothersome to get to.

I’ll try to have something for you guys anyway, possibly a four-photo panoramic of the Hrug-Toh we’ll be forced to defeat in ritual combat so we can merge onto the 405. Also: the plan is to record the next batch of Spoiler Warnings later on tomorrow, so those of you who schlep on over to Twenty Sided to catch that action have something to look forward to.

Semisecret project is coming along, as the periodic snippets of non-spoiler bumart indicate. This is going to be a good one. With any luck, it’ll be done within a month or two, but the last time I tried to pin a project down with a deadline, I spent the night carousing with ghosts and awoke on a hillock twenty years later.

I haven’t done the calculus on the X-COM screening window yet, but since I’ve got at least another few weeks of buffer before I’m ready to do episodes live, I’m not too worried. It’s certainly challenging: all my readers seem to have different schedules, which means I’m going to have to work very hard to find a time that pisses absolutely everyone off.

Right, time to knock off, so I’ll just leave you with this cryptic note: events have progressed to the point where I have been forced, absolutely forced, to read a few chapter’s worth of romance novels. And I don’t mean “classic works of literature dealing with romance,” like some sort of Jane Austen business, oh no. I’m talking the stuff you see on the big, white metal rack near the checkout lanes at the Albertsons, the stuff that takes less time to write than it does to read–so long as you exclude the time the author spent doing hard drugs and include the time the reader spends throwing, and then retrieving, the offending volume. Anyway, I’ve had to read some of a few; feel free to make wild, lurid speculations as to why in the comments. Bonus points if your explanation uses any words or phrases associated with the CIA or Senator McCarthy.


Getting the Swing

07 Oct

EDIT: And barely any time at all after the post saying, “it’s all under control,” we got a late-ish post. Everything’s coming up tomorrow.

I haven’t had a formal State of the Skarn for a while, so I thought I’d give you all an update on my situation:

I think I’m finally properly re-integrated. I’m ready to resume a slightly more rigid schedule, which will contain–at the least–the Werewolves posts, an Oblivion LP, a Pig Girl entry, and–though these are actually the most time consuming to produce, and sometimes I can’t quite manage them–a Dungeons and Dragons post. Beyond this, there are a few things I’m planning–and have made significant headway on–that are not, per se, series.

I’d prefer not to talk about them, just because I like content to be a surprise whenever possible, but I can provide the following details: at least one involves Jibar, and at least two involve Blip. The one involving Jibar would perhaps be the easiest to make, and you might well see that right after this weekend. And of course, as soon as he’s on his feet at Uni and we’ ve figured out each other’s schedules, I imagine we’ll be doing some more of the Jibar vs. Rutskarns as well. I’d like to, anyway.

Right, that’s enough of that. Dungeons and Dragons post tomorrow night, most likely. Stay tuned.