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Eyes on the Ball

08 Oct

While we’re on the subject of artery, and arteries: here is a set of character sketches I did for the players of my campaign.

Characters from left to right: Donna Price, cold-hearted ex-executive from the music industry; Jenna Hong, one-eyed tough-as-nails street fighter without a whole lot of brains; Matthias Rose, 20-year-old psychic vampire trapped in a preadolescent body; Andy Sparks, hair-metal werewolf who fights with a pair of chains; Sin Nombre Salgo, goblin gunslinger of few words; Al, fishman(fishwoman?) private investigator.

One of the many focuses of this campaign is mystery; every single item in the background is a substantial gap in the players’ knowledge that they’re determined to fill. If I don’t resolve each one of these, I’m probably going to become an unsolved mystery myself. The kind where police find my tongue and three of my teeth inside an industrial kiln and spend the next fifty years filming TV specials about it.


Jarenth’th Place

27 Jun

Since Jarenth won that web contest prize award a while back, I gave him his selection from a sample platter of prizes. He picked out the baby assassin howler monkey, and also a custom character sketch. The monkey is in the mail; the sketch, below.

He specified something Gravatar-able would be favorite, so I that’s the dimensions I stuck to. I really wasn’t sure what the hell that lapel things was supposed to be, so if you’ve got any corrections to make on that front, Jarenth, let me know and I’ll sort it out right quick.

Of course, I owe the losers custom insults, which I haven’t yet doled out. If you submitted an entry to the contest, didn’t win, and wish for your work and person to be mocked, apply below.


Art Congestion

24 May

The only things I have fit to share at the moment are the following bits of artitude. First, another sneak preview of Vatsy and Bruno’s cover-in-progress:

Every time I draw Vatsy and Bruno, they look a little different. I’m not sure this is the drawing of Vatsy I’m going to go with, but I’m reasonably fond of it.

Secondly, I did work a bit more on that sketch of Reginald Cuftbert:

I drew him like he’s about to visit bodily harm on you…because frankly, there’s rarely a situation where that’s not the case.


More Danged Sketches

20 May

Right, time for tonight’s post. So, what, that’s a Vatsy and…huh. I guess I finished that series. Right, what’s next in the queue?

Morrowind. Oh, eesh. I found the CD for that and all, but I haven’t had the time to play ahead/get all my missing screenshots yet. We’re looking at over an hour of something that could, by the absolute most liberal application of the word our language is capable of, be construed as “work”. In bad conscience. So, not tonight.

Clod of Cthulhu? On the one hand, there’s no screenshots for that, because there’s no way to graphically illustrate the extent of Jack’s stupidity. On the other hand, I was planning on just finishing the rest of the game in one post, largely because we’ve run out of big targets and it’d get tedious if I described every pointless puzzle we have to undertake between here and the finish line. Because I’m still not quite done with the game, this will have to wait.

D&D? I kind of just did one.

So, it looks like you’re getting more character sketches. I know of exactly two people who won’t complain! Unless they do. In which case, uh, I got nothing. I can promise a full refund on the zero dollars you paid for them, though.

On the left, we have Torpedo Vegas’ Dair Allant. I’m not 100% on how a thin, roguish moustache goes with big ol’ chops, so I sort of fudged it a bit. On the right is Duncan’s Lotho Brandybuck.


Character Sketches (TwoFer)

17 May

Knocked off two character sketches today. The first one I rolled, Heather’s Mojh, was a bit tricky. I wasn’t sure if it was disguised as a humanoid, or if the extent of its subterfuge was playing pretty-dress-up with (semi) period clothing. Ultimately, I decided it’d be better just to go full dragonoid, although I’m not quite sure I nailed the look of the species.

The other one, Phase’s Hazir, was somewhat simpler. The expression’s not perfect, but then again, this is a sketch.

Don’t forget, there’s still time to request your own sketch in the SotS thread.


Character Sketch: Codename LADIES

13 May

Here’s Viktor’s character, a philandering Necropolitan mage with a hat of disguise.  I’ve actually got a few other sketches I’m toying around with, but I haven’t found a look for them I like yet. Since I’ve worked through about half the concepts so far, I’m also going to open up Sunday’s SotS to more lottery submissions. Sorry, those of you trapped in the dregs–I’ll get to you sooner or later.

As far as the next few days goes: I’d like to get at least one CoC post, as well as a D&D post. Really got to get that last one back on track, so that might get the super-secret-surprise-bonus-post-o-doom.


State of the Skarn

18 Apr

When we last left our intrepid blogwright, I was trying to implement a regimen to get back on the straight-and-narrow. It went acceptably, for a first week. I was pleased to find that I was capable of using my muscles without them snapping like chewing gum, and that jogging around for fifteen minutes produced only a mild, almost recreational heart attack. Maybe there’s something to this whole “exercising” thing after all. Wouldn’t be surprised if it caught on.

I already do get a bit of running in–I have a history of running to places even when I’m bang on time. This has gotten me many funny looks, and I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe it’s that Slackafornia has a deep-set tradition of not hurrying anywhere unless the space you are currently occupying is on fire, maybe it’s that I’m not wearing designer running shoes and a pair of $300 Gore-Sweat-Pro shorts that can wick up a spider’s tears from fifty yards away. Maybe it’s just that I run like a windmill falling down.

Anyway, usual stuff this week. I’ve already kicked you over to Diversion, so just scroll down a bit and you’ll get a linky there. Jibar promised he’d update again soon, so I’m going to use this space to guilt him into doing so. Guilt. Guilt.

Did a character sketch. Bit of a rush job, sorry. If you’d like, I can actually do you a colored version of this, but here’s the lineart.

Comment of the Week comes from bbot:

I read the Smiling Man’s dialogue in the G-Man’s voice. FYI.

Not because that’s how I wrote it, because it’s not, but because that’s how I’ll be reading it from now on. No matter what.



Character Sketches

10 Apr

Four character sketches coming in this space soon.

EDIT: And here they are. The scans aren’t the greatest quality, which is all my fault–I sort of rushed getting them out, and took the first upload. I did my best to get them presentable with photershop.

Eyes were fun to do. The wrist blade detaisl didn't carry over too well in the scan, m'fraid.

Don't care for this one, really, and if it was just my discretion I'd redo it. I may well, actually.

I know I didn't add the assault rifle, but I kind of liked the grenade as a prop. If you're dead set on it, I might stick one in later.

Where does he get all those wonderful toys?


Character Sketches 1-2

24 Mar

Until I sort out image uploading for the new site, I have to link from imageshack, like a peasant. Anyway, procedure’s the same: you want a larger version, you click on it.


I’m not totally crazy about how this one came out, to be honest. I was liking it up until I got to the face–somehow, I never seemed to get it looking right. Also, the jacket shoulders probably could use a bit of work.

Jarenth–Random Dwarf

I don’t know what your vision was for this dwarf, and I don’t know what kind of gear he has, but I do know that this was fun to draw.


This one’s about half done, but I’ve hit a snag. Rust: could you explain how the gauntlet-blade thing works, again? I’m not sure which end the point is facing.

In the meantime, I’ve started on Lux. I’ll do another drawing as soon as she and Alec are done.