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18 Feb

I forgot to post a notice about the Livestream of X-COM yesterday; if you missed it, the video can be viewed at the link above. You should probably watch this one if you’ve got even a passing interest in the series, because you know how I was waiting for my luck to run out and everything to go pits up?



A Stream (Not) Deferred

10 Feb

X-COM will be streaming at 5:00 PM PST today. Here’s the thing, though: the one thing I didn’t mention in the excuse post a bit ago was that I also have a three-alarm cold. Expect my voice to be huskier, my hacking cough fits to be many, and my loopy decisions to be even loopier actually, I think I hit an upper ceiling on this one.



03 Feb

There will be an X-COM stream today, at 5:00 PST, at Attendance is not mandatory, but if you don’t attend, you will miss the second codeword.

Moving along from that ordinary and straightforward declaration, what I said about considering a time change was true, but I haven’t committed to one yet. Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are all out of the question, and most weekdays I’ve got classes through the early part of the day. I might squeeze it in between classes on Mondays or Wednesdays, but that’s still in the speculative phase. Perhaps I’ll stream something else one of those days as a sort of pilot.

Nothing else to announce. Carry on, Hammerites.


Unfit for X-COMmand, Episode One

17 Dec

You have no idea what I had to do to get this video working, and if you’d like that state of affairs to continue, you have my full support and understanding. If it turns out that you would like my feverish self-flagellating midnight rant, just mosey right on to the next paragraph.

First, I had to install the codecs for the DOSBox recorded footage properly. Then I had to edit the video, which only took about ten minutes. Then I had to spend about fifteen minutes getting the Audacity audio synced with the video, largely because I hadn’t given much thought to how I’d do that back when I recorded the damn thing so I didn’t leave any obvious markers for myself, like a pattern of mouse clicks early in the video. Then I discovered that none of that Windows Movie Maker project file mess would actually turn into a real boy, on account of some unspeakable technicality of .avis.

The solution? Run the raw recording file through VirtualDub. Oh, after downloading VirtualDub. For this step, it’s very important not to look up some way to get a handle on output quality, so that way, you’re left with like a 10 gig file that runs slow as molasses.

So I plugged that puppy into WMM, then trimmed it up a bit. Then came the part where I synced the Audacity audio with it again…except this time–since this new .avi file doesn’t run cleanly–it took about an hour. Rest assured that this was the most fun hour in all of mankind’s recorded goddamned history.

So I turned that into a .wmv…and then discovered I’d accidentally turned the game sound off. And, because apparently this is my own personal Gross Incompetence* Celebration Day, I’d also accidentally deleted the massive video I’d pulled off VirtualDub, thus precluding me from making another, sound-enabled copy. I discovered this after about a half hour of searching and vague error messages, mind.

What I mean to say is, the first episode went off without a hitch. Very excited for everything to continue to go perfectly.

(There’ll be one or two more episodes yanked off this master recording, and then I’ll start streaming them as I do them.)

*Or, as I like to call it, X-COMpetence.


…And the Archive

13 Aug

Here’s the glitchy, broken, trial-and-error, brain-scrambled, hilariously FUBAR X-COM stream that (spoilers!) ended in a total massacre, followed by technical difficulties. It’s in four parts, because Procaster hates all life.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

I have no idea what the goddamned hell is wrong with my microphone, with the stream, with the game delay, or with the internet in general. Some people were saying Firefox was dragging it down, but I closed my browsers halfway through, so that shouldn’t be it.

At any rate, here’s the stream. We’ll try for another one next week. Dungeons and Dragons post should be up tomorrow, as well as, with any luck, a video LP.


Stream Happens

13 Aug

We are, indeed, recording the first episode of Unfit for X-COMmand in about three more hours. I’ve already announced this in a couple of places, but I just thought I’d give you a heads up in case you missed it.

EDIT: And our team this week is:

Entro “Number 1” Pe

Bubba “Graceland” Hotep

Dave “Scented Candle” Explodiene

King “Ghiroda” D’Atcom

Sir Brosef “Brodown” Collie, ESQ

Ollie “Polly Oliver” Yan

Sue “TooHu” Mann

Bill “Wolf Chow” Tudamacks


Stomach Bug Terror Event

12 Aug

As I  mentioned on twitter, I woke up this morning to a king-hell stomach bug. In between making pilgrimages to the porcelain shrine, I’ve existed in a kind of fugue half-lucid state that was responsible for my misspelling no less than three words so far in this post.

Same time tomorrow? In this state, I don’t think I’d make it off the landing craft. I’d accidentally order half of my team to shoot the other half, have the rest squaredance on the ramp, and sing showtunes badly while my entire viewership dies of alcohol poisoning.

EDIT: As a consolation prize, I’ll go ahead and stream some Arcanum. Thrill as I mumble incoherently, leave every ten minutes to use the bathroom, and take too goddamned long to create a character!


Unfit for X-COMmand, Season 1

11 Aug

I plan to launch Unfit for X-COMmand at 3:00 PM Pacific, August 12th, 2010. Be there, or…don’t, I guess. Catch it later when it shows up in the queue. Or, again, not. It’s all good.

The stream can be found here. Rules for the drinking game can be found here, if you’re feeling suicidal.

I have also sequestered some time that morning to catch up on my Let’s Plays–I will say that getting the V&B editing mostly out of the way is a load off my mind and schedule.

See you all in the field.


The Official Unsanctioned Uncondoned Unfit for X-COMmand Drinking Game

03 Aug

My Dark Messiah footage is basically unusable–the mic worked fine, but the game volume was too damn loud. I’ll just re-record the episode tomorrow or later in the week. In the meantime, Cahmel’s down there, and here’s a little something extra to tide you over.

You guys requested it, and here it is: a drinking game for Unfit for X-COMmand. This is to be played while I Stream Live-like, or, should I figure out what the problem is with it not saving my streams, while watching the recaps.

Take a shot when:

1.) I lose an operative.

2.) I blow a bunch of Time Units getting into position to shoot at an alien, then don’t have enough to actually shoot at it, leaving me standing there with my tuckus hanging out staring down an alien’s blaster barrel.

3.) An Interceptor takes damage.

4.) A rocket goes off in a way that is actively detrimental to my interests. Missing does not qualify, missing and blowing up an orphanage does.

5.) I forget to load something important onto the Skyranger.

6.) I make a clumsy “Aliens” reference.

7.) An operative spends their whole turn firing at an alien without hitting once.

8.) At least three civilians die during the Alien Turn.

9.) Not enough storage space!

10.) Not enough lab space!

Take two shots whenever:

1.) A country cuts its funding.

2.) An Interceptor gets blown up.

3.) Panic!

4.) Berserk!

5.) Mind control!

6.) Chyrsalid zombie!

7.) Friendly fire!

8.) A terror event pops up while I have an important order or manufacture (i.e., next gen weapons) on the way.

9.) I blow up a building for tactical reasons.

10.) Rutskarn singing!

Finish your drink whenever:

1.) A grenade kills more than two operatives.

2.) Retreat!

3.) Total party kill!


Unfit for X-COMmand: Test Episode

30 Jul

I’m going to be doing a test Livestream of Unfit for X-COMmand at around 3:00 PST, July 31st–today, by the time you will most probably read this. I will be screwing around and trying to get the proportions right, but I’ll probably also begin the actual gameplay part. Might be worth popping in, to heckle my weak Procast-fu if nothing else.

The stream can be found here:

EDIT: Oh yeah, nearly forgot.

Have you ever wanted to have your organs ruptured by a burst of unnatural, nonterrestrial energy, causing you to spit up blood and breathe out a final choking breath on some godforsaken tundra thousands of miles from your place of birth?


You sure? Because–you’re sure. Well, okay, I guess.

…but if you did want that, you could sign up to be on my X-COM squadron right here. Apply below, and you can have the name of your choice applied to one of my extremely doomed X-COM operatives, where they will serve my squad with honor and courage right up until they die four minutes in. The first eight applicants get the first eight spots, but there’ll be plenty of replacement marines that will also need naming, so don’t fret if you’re like the thirtieth guy. Even if you can’t find time to follow the series, I’ll post the current roster/deaths with every announcement.

EDIT2: And we have our first international alien-fighting team!

Angelo “Jell-O” Rawr

Acro “The Knob” Nix

Gil “Trust Issues” Moriel

Dan “Not Justin” Dannerssen

Meate “9th Wheel” Loaf

Ramsey “Sponge Bath” Zsus

Val “Kilmer” Hala

Tuck “Neverlasting” Babbitt

I look forward to a few of you guys getting off the ramp.

EDIT 3: Sorry, I guess  I just took it as granted that I meant 3PM. Considering when I posted this, I really should have specified.