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30 Nov

A few quick updates:

Yes, there’s a stream today, Wednesday 11-30-11, at 5:00 PM PST at the usual place (

NaNoWriMo’s been going great. I’m going to finish it with some words to spare, from the looks of things.

Information on the NaNoWriMo project, and the resuming of regular content, will be up this Sunday.

EDIT, 12/05: Correction, will be up today. Finals week just happened to overlap with the end of this 50,000 word stunt.


Stream Today/NaNoUpDate

16 Nov

There is a stream today, Wednesday, November 16th, at 5:00 PM PST, at I’ll be streaming Dark Messiah and talking a little about NaNoWriMo.

Speaking of which: it’s going quite well. I’ve actually been keeping up with the WPD pretty damn well, and I fully anticipate that by the end of Wednesday, I’ll be at the 26666 mark indicated as par. I’m debating posting up chunks of it, as I had originally intended; thing is, I’m really not used to putting up fiction I haven’t given at least a couple solid editing passes. The work is coherent–I’m not doing that free-associative bullhonkey where I just write whatever comes to mind, and I stop to patch over plot holes and rewrite sections that don’t work–but it’s not especially refined. I’ll talk more about this tomorrow.


A Hole to Die In: Chapter Four

03 Nov

(Stream today. Usual time. Usual place. And now for some DF.)

My favorite part of an excavation job is the walk-through afterwards. There’s nothing like seeing one’s plans, inert and sterile on a scrap of parchment, breathed to life by a ragged group of marginally brain-damaged dirt artisans. It’s almost a religious experience, comparable to meeting one’s god in person and finding out he’s a hunchbacked janitor with a lazy eye.

This was the layout I’d drafted up for the fortress, which I’ve formally titled “the hole.” It’s a bit of a technical diagram, so I’ll provide annotations below. These annotation have the same aim as the rest of this document, which is to aid future archaeologists in determining what each room and corridor was apart from a mass grave.

Number 1 is the entrance. Perhaps some day, in some far-off, prosperous future, someone will make a door for it.

Number 2 is in theory a storeroom. I put it next to the hallway so people can access it more easily, and next to the workroom so artisans won’t have far to go to get their raw materials, such as stone. This, it turns out, is not a concern. I’ll get to that in a minute.

Number 3 is the provisional work area. This is where the wood burner will burn wood, the smelter will smelt, and the mason will turn rocks into useful differently-shaped rocks. I also commissioned a food preparation area, because it’ll give the workmen something to do and there’s no need to disillusion people just yet.

Number 4 will be the location of the dining area. By this, I mean that there will be tables and chairs here, not that anyone will dine here with any consistency. The actual eating will take place hunched over the barrels of stored provisions—or, sooner rather than later, wherever the rats are hanging out.

Number 5 is where we’re putting the beds. I might put in a staircase leading down. I have absolutely no idea what I’d put down there, but it seems like the thing to do.  Read the rest of this entry »