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The Week to Come

30 Jan

So, most of the name changes have been processed–there were a few outliers that I had to furnish last-minute replacements for, but once that’s through, we’ll be just about ready. I’m about ready to commit to the game formally launching Friday night.

Again: if you haven’t gotten an invite yet, don’t panic. I haven’t sent any of them out. I’ll be inviting people once I’ve got the threads and stuff set up the way I want them.

This Wednesday, at the usual time and place, I’ll be streaming Saints Row the Third. I’ve fixed the graphics settings, and I believe it will run flawlessly this tim around.

More Payday will arrive once it’s edited. I’m actually also working on a little Hobospy, finally, again, although I’m experimenting with the format and I’m not committing to a release date. It’ll be a bunch of pages at once, not piecemeal stuff.

Finally, in case you missed it: we had our second anniversary episode for Spoiler Warning last Saturday. Check it iout.


26 Jan

A few quick notices:

1.) The name change requests are sent, and as soon as I get the response back, I’ll post a list of what the names have been changed to. I had to make a few alterations, but nothing that altered the substance of the character’s name–just the formatting.

2.) If you’ve sent an invite request to Blackchapel, don’t worryI haven’t responded to anyone yet. I’ll send out invites once I’ve got the game threads finished.

3.) Picture unrelated.


Stream Today

25 Jan

Forgot to mention on the site proper–I’m resuming the stream today. I’m gonna give SR3 a shot, see how laggy it is. Hopefully there won’t be any problems.

Stream will be at 5:00 PM PST,  at (


Payday 2

24 Jan

Wherein a meth lab calls the cops, I call a shotgun offensive things, and Jibar and I shop for our future rec room.

Also: at the beginning, we’re worried that Jibar’s voice chat will be lagging behind too much, but this actually evens itself out pretty quickly.


List is finalized EDIT: And I suck at WMM

22 Jan

Movie file was botched. I’ll stay up late editing it and upload it tonight, so it’ll be here at least by tomorrow morning. Cripes, I’m bad at this.

The name changes will be sent out today. I’ll get back to you as soon as there’s an update.
Two quick things:

1.) There’s another Payday episode later today.

2.) There’s a stream on Wednesday.


Mythweavers Name Changes

14 Jan

Forgot to mention: even if you’re not in bold, you’re in. Submit name below. Rules changes and NPCs should be up before the week is out.

Evidently there’s been a bit of a mixup with the name changes for players in the Mythweavers game. The site didn’t specify what the actual process for changing names was in their rules section, stating players should “contact Myth-Weavers staff,” which didn’t really give me a clear indication on what was supposed to be happening. Upshot is, there’s now a thread where they’re asking the large volume of players changing names to form an orderly line and get sorted.

I’m going to try to sort out the issue personally, and assuming it’s still feasible, it’ll make things easier if I just get a large list going of name change requests. So if you’re going to change the name of your Mythweavers account, go ahead and post below:

a.) The name of your present account, and

b.) The name you want it changed to.

Use this convention:

Current Account: X

Want Changed to: Y

I’ll keep you posted.


Jibar vs. Rutskarn: Payday

12 Jan

Gotta run–thoughts later, video now.


Blackchapel Revolution: Rules Document

12 Jan

Coming soon: NPC biographies, rules errata, a surprise treat post unrelated to this RPG.

To those individuals involved in the Blackchapel Revolution RPG: enclosed within are the rules and regulations regarding joining and posting. All of these must be observed. If there are any problems, post below.

The rules are as follows:

Rules and Regulations:

You will need a Mythweavers account to play the game.

  1. If you do not have a Mythweavers account, rather than using your generic username, make your account name the same as your character’s surname. For example: a character named Count Samael Corbaine would have the username Corbaine.
  2. If you already have one, the site rules ask that you do not create another one. However, there is a procedure in place to change your name. If you contact a moderator, they will apparently be happy to change your username. I can’t require this, because it may be inconvenient for people with games in place, but I’ll really, really goddamn appreciate it. It will be about a hundred thousand times easier for me to run and everyone else to play this 75-person game if your username is the same as your character name. The game won’t start for a while, so if you apply soon, they should get around to changing it by the time the game starts.
  3. Once you have an account, send a private message to user “Blackchapel,” and I’ll invite you in.

The following rules are in play when it comes to declaring actions:

  1. The rules outlined in the previous post are now invalid. Simply adhere to the following guidelines for structuring your actions.
  2. All action declarations will be sent via private message to the GM account Blackchapel. The subject line should simply read “[Character’s Surname]  [Scheme Phase #]”; for example, “Corbaine 3”.
  3. Within shall be a list of all actions you wish to undertake that Phase. Once mailed out, this list is intractable—even if there is, for example, an extremely amusing error, such as attempting to assassinate one’s teammate. Impossible actions will be discarded, and the player will be notified of this after the Phase is complete. I may be gentler first round, since we’ll all be getting used to the format.
  4. Actions should be phrased simply, with the form, “[Attribute][Attribute #] vs. [Target]. Actions with multiple targets, such as Espionage attempts, will have each target on a separate line. Example:
    1. i.      Espionage 2 vs. Corbaine
    2. ii.      Espionage 2 vs. Pollister
  5. If you are working with other people to combine your attributes, you must agree upon a name for your operation, which will take the form of, “The <X> Affair.” You will preface the relevant declared action with this. For example, if a team of assassins decided on the name “The Pins and Needles Affair” for the assassination of Lord Corbaine, they would each include this in their actions, and one such line might read as follows:
    1. i.      <The Pins and Needles Affair> Malice 5 vs. Corbaine
  6. Defensive attributes, such as Paranoia, can be applied to other people with the form, “[Attribute] defending [Subject]”. If no such phrase is included, it is assumed that the player is applying the attribute to themselves.

The following general rules apply:

  1. No sending messages outside of the Scheme phase.
  2. No out-of-game collusion.
  3. No harassment of other players.
  4. Keep all interplayer messages in-character, whenever possible.
  5. If no actions are declared for two Scheme Phases together, you may be removed from the game.
  6. Don’t take things too seriously. Keep in mind that a.) this game will affect a dark humor tone, b.) there can only be one Emperor, and c.) it’s sometimes more fun to fail amusingly than to succeed. This ain’t srs bsns, people.
  7. No back-sassing the GM. Keep in mind that between Scheme Phase and Event Phase, there’s going to be a huge, unmarked Bookkeeping Phase where I try to compile everything. If you think I’ve made a mistake, it’s okay to tell me so, but keep in mind I’ve got an administrative nightmare on my hands, here.
  8. Obviously, all Mythweavers rules and regulations should be adhered to.
  9. There will be “Notables” in the game, characters with above-PC status. It is currently not know which of these, if any, will be run by the GM and which will be run by non-player individuals.
  10. Some people posted valid rules questions. If you posed a question that was not answered, please do so once again below, and I will answer all of them below.

Also: Feel free to post your public character bio below! All that you need (or should) publicize should be your name, title, nationality, and a few lines of biography about you and your family.






Von Rutskarn Presents The Blackchapel Revolution: Player List

05 Jan

I’ve actually just gone ahead and given a slot to everyone who’d applied before this posting. However: anyone whose name is not in bold might be bumped if there’s an issue with the forum mechanics. As far as I know, everything should go perfectly well, but if it doesn’t, I might have to settle for a smaller player base.

Here’s the player list. If you spot a mistake–you’re not on it when you should be, you are when you shouldn’t–feel free to let me know. Rules clarifications, further information, and joining details will arrive later today.

EDIT: I’m still on the fence about one mechanic. As a result, you may not see the final rules post until early next week. There might be the next Lovecraftcraft before then, naturally.

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Von Rutskarn Presents The Blackchapel Revolution: A Macro-RPG

01 Jan

“Von Rutskarn Presents:

The Blackchapel Revolution

A Game of Polis, Politesse, Politics, and Homicide.”

The year is 1895, and the bearer to the throne of Europa—one Emperor Millicent the Scabrous, youngest of her line, representing the last rancid burp of dynasty—has perished in a boating accident that was as unfortunate as it was technically impossible. Europe finds itself freed from the oppressive steel fist of inbred autocracy for the first time in bloodsoaked centuries. A wild spirit of revolutionary democracy has gripped the continent, and—though the Emperor’s presence is but five months gone–plans have already been laid for a continent-wide democratic free election to determine, via a simple, honest vote, who the next oppressive steel-fisted inbred autocrat is going to be. Any man or woman may vote, provided they are of age, citizens of a European nation, and have hundreds of years of unearned titles and human rights abuses to their name.

Two months from today, a primary will be held in which six men and women will be nominated as candidates for emperor. After that, they will have two months of perfectly legal and wholly ethical campaigning on their hands before the final election is held. All will be overseen by the temporary ruling commission of Blackchapel, England, who are as eager to see the democratic process carried out as they are to stick some other bastard with the job of running things before they get shanked outside a public house.

Provided that you’re reading this from the comfort of a chaise longue, perhaps one stitched from the hides of endangered animals, you yourself have a chance of becoming the High Emperor of Europa. Alternately, of assassinating a potential candidate for the High Emperor of Europa. Or becoming a toady spy or campaigner for a candidate for the High Emperor of Europa. Or being shanked outside of a public house.

There’s risks, certainly. But there’s a certain temptation in the idea of becoming the only oligarch in Europa to have earned their power. And no matter who becomes High Emperor, one thing is certain: if they survive that long, they will have earned every jewel and ermine hair.

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