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Aunty Paladin: The Deck of Many Ideas (Submit Yours Now!)

25 Nov

Come another winter, come another show. Aunty Paladin, the live-streamed charity RPG marathon powered by tabletop enthusiasts with a week to kill and no sense of self preservation, is due to go live on December 16th. We’ll have more details after Thanksgiving, but you can expect the same stuff you got the last two years: laughs, action, crowd-pleasing japeries, more esoteric indie systems than you can fit in a king’s basement, and the realtime pickling of a dozen underdeveloped brains in gamer funk and curry sauce. I am thrilled to pieces to be part of it–and now you can be part of it as well!

Since a 24-7, nonstop roleplaying marathon requires constant innovation and creativity, one of our favorite things to do is bounce ideas off of the viewers in our stream’s chat client. Which is fun, and a great way to leverage the untapped sadistic energies of hundreds of anonymous spectators, but it does have one unfortunate side effect: it makes our lives too easy. The ideas are presented too logically and coherently in nice, neat packages we can pick and choose as we please. Clearly we need to engineer a solution around that.

That’s why from now until December 14th, we’re soliciting random game ideas from all y’all in the comments, on Twitter, or on our new Facebook page. And by “game ideas,” we mean “whatever you decide constitutes a ‘game idea’ at the time, even if it doesn’t make sense or isn’t technically words.” Examples include:

cabbage falls in love

wizard mob

an ogre starts a chess club

reality television


Ronald Reagan

We’ll take any halfway usable suggestions and stick ’em in a random generator called the Deck of Many Ideas. If during the marathon a GM is ever running dry, s/he will decide on a number of ideas to draw, randomly select that number, and then hopelessly attempt to sew a game out of the mess that ensues. Considerations such as player limit, game length, and system will be at the individual GM’s discretion.

Submit as many as you like. Oh–and if little snippets aren’t your thing, and you’re looking to submit a more fully-formed idea…well, stick around, because we’ve got a contest coming up right after Thanksgiving that’ll tickle your fancy nicely.

Rutskarn out.