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Aunty Paladin Write-An-Adventure Contest!

03 Dec

Excited for the upcoming livestreamed, chaotic, nonstop tabletop gaming marathon? Of course you are! The marathon isn’t just a highlight of our gaming year, it’s a great opportunity to take virtual, vicarious part in a ceaseless whirlwind of creativity and showmanship. Which is why this year, we’re letting you go beyond the voluntary Deck of Many Ideas platform and right up to the level of GM’s assistant. One crafty, creative individual will get an adventure of their design run live on camera. Probably by me–assuming I’m not dead of Costco meatball poisoning by that stage of the marathon.

How do you get your adventure run? Simple:

Write a pitch/summary for a one-shot tabletop gaming adventure. The summary can be as short as one sentence or as long as three hundred words, but generally speaking, the more elaborate the better. Send your pitches to for review and we’ll pick one out just before December 16th.

We recommend you don’t name a system because we’re not guaranteed to have it (although frankly, we have pretty much everything). Beyond that disclaimer, anything goes.

Best of luck!